One day in the studio, I was trying to use up some paper scraps I had by die cutting some flower shapes that roll into a 3D flower.  Ted was curious about how these came together.  I showed him the flat cut piece of paper, basically in a circular shape that had a spiral cut from the outer edge to the center.  Then you roll up the strip to form a flower shape.  It wasn't an hour later, he came to me with this flower.  It's beautiful.  We left this piece unpainted but some of the original red paint still shows through here and there.  Measures 35" x 12".

Large Flower Yard Stake

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  • Our metal art is either left unfinished or is painted. If it is unfinished, if left outside it will take on a lovely rusty patina over time. If it is painted, it is sealed with a clearcoat sealer and if treated gently will last indefinitely. Painted pieces can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.