Gizmachis Metal Art is...

Ted & Carrie

Photo Credit:  Daneeca Barrone

We have always been interested in art and actively creating.  With our move from Washington State to the gorgeous Four Corners Area, we began Gizmachis.  We have found that collaboration is our new love.  Ted creates metal art pieces for Carrie to paint and embellish.  Our variety of subject matter is vast and ever-changing.  We are constantly coming up with new pieces to bring to life.  Each day brings new ideas, projects in the works and projects being completed in the Gizmachis Metal Art Studio.  

Ted has a background in equipment repair, welding and fabrication. The very interesting parts that are inside a bulldozer started his fascination with sculpture. For many years, various sculptures have escaped into the world through his torch.  This thought is what inspired the creation of our new logo. Many creations have been gifts, and to this day people express that they cherish these pieces.  


Carrie has been interested in creating ever since she was a wee one. Things like a brand new 64-pack of crayons, scented markers, Cra-Pas and watercolors would make her swoon in her younger years. Art supplies still do! She is a self-taught mixed-media artist and she enjoys working in many different mediums. Always striving to continue her education, she involves herself in many online courses.


With a large, well equipped studio to work in, our creativity is soaring. When we collaborate on projects, it produces doubly good results. You never know what's coming next.

Our goal with our art is to bring smiles to people’s faces.  We like to have fun.  We enjoy adding a little humor whenever possible. We feel that the world just needs more smiles…


We would also like you to know that we reuse, re-purpose, upcycle and recycle when choosing materials for our art.  

Also, we love doing custom work.  If there is something specific that you would like us to make for you, we would be delighted.  Contact us and we will go over all of the details.

Taking the

Old Willys Jeep Out

Here is a little "behind the scenes" look at what we like to do in our spare time.  This is some awesome drone footage of us with a group of friends in our little Willys Jeeps running the Cliffhanger Trail in Moab, Utah.  Taking our little old Jeep out is one of the things that we do on a regular basis.  We love to be out in nature and this area has some amazing places to see.

Video credit:  Greg Gardner, RME 4x4

Gizmachis on the Cliffhanger Trail Moab

Art Process Videos

Watch Us Make a Gizmachini

Now, back to the art!  Here is a little three minute process video of a small piece being made.  It takes you through our process, from beginning to end.  It starts out with Ted cutting the shapes out of a flat piece of metal and ends with a finished piece, a darling little crescent moon ")  Enjoy!

The Gizmachis Process

Painting Process Slideshow

Gizmachis Painting Process

Ted Makes "The Frog Prince"

Ted of Gizmachis makes "The Frog Prince"

How did we come up with the name "Gizmachis?"

How did we come up with our name?  Long, long ago, Ted was tinkering on something and of course, I was not too far away.  He asked me "Hey, can you hand me that gizmachi there?"  I was so tickled by this word.  It sounded so Italian and I loved it.  When we decided to start a business venture together, we definitely knew that it had to be called "Gizmachis."  Because of our love for a play on words, we branched out with the following:

  • Gizmacho.  A very large creation.

  • Gizmachi.  A mid-sized creation you would hold in your hands.

  • Gizmachini.  A smaller creation you would hold in your fingers.

Now you know...